Monday, November 13, 2006

All is not lost...

I lay on the couch at my girlfriend`s place and watched Arsenal v Liverpool while she took a nap on my lap. On one of the occasional waking-ups she had, she witnessed Mark Gonzalez receive a ball from an Alonso steal on the edge of the area, then neither cross nor shoot - just do an utterly shitty kick aimed at nowhere - which prompted her to exclaim "Jesus, why do you support this team? They are so crap"

I did not want to start some ellaborate musings on why I have become such a fierce, addicted supporter of LFC. But she actually had a point - Liverpool played really bad at the Emirates. To be fair, at the beginning of the match, circa Crouch`s disallowed goal, it was not that bad. Finnan cleared brilliantly at Henry's foot and made everyone proud. Kuyt came back to chase balls and a couple of his speculative shots were thrilling. But... still it wasn`t like when we play at Anfield.

So what has been happening?

Truth: Away form has been dire.
Home: Played 6, Won 5, Draw 1, Lose 0.
Away: Played 6, Won 0, Draw 1, Lose 5.

But: Away fixture list was the toughest it gets.
Chelsea, Man U, Arsenal, Everton and Bolton are, indeed, the worst places to go to. Of course, if you wanna be a champion, you gotta be able to steal some points from the big guys at their homes, but it`s not like we were being outclassed at Watford.

Having said that, Man U thrashed Bolton at the Reebok, and Everton lost at home to Villa. And 0-3 scorelines are always embarassing.

Truth: New squad members are struggling to adapt
This is not the year when we`ll see the best of Gonzalez, Fabio Aurelio, or Paletta. Just see how much Agger has improved from hsi start.

But: What's going on with Gerrard?
The captain is the person of whom it was expected to lead the team in situations like yesterday. But his positioning leaves him as a peripheral, sometimes nonchalant figure.

Truth: We'll miss Sissoko
Any team would miss the best anchor midfield in the world these days (I dare people pointing me a better one. He's fitter and more effective than Makelele, Gattuso, Gilberto, Edmilson....)

But: Who's his replacement?
Oh Rafa, now we curse the day when you let Didi Hammann, the Kaiser, the German Shepherd, leave. He was so important at Istanbul and Cardiff. Now Zenden makes do at the centre, and that way we won't go far.

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