Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pedro Music Awards 2008

Right. Following tradition, 4th year and running of my musical picks of the year. As usual the list ranks albums I got ahold of and songs that marked my year.

I was trying to write something deep, well-though-of and thorough, but after too much wrangling, procrastination and, why not assume, utter laziness, I gave up trying to do something complicated and decided to simplify the list.

Some observations over my 2008 musical behavior:

- I purchased less albums than 07, 06 and 05; also, dowloaded actually zero new albums.
- I ventured less frequently into impulse acquisitions of unknown artists (as compared to purchases of, say, Charlotte Gainsbourg or Fela Kuti in previous years). When I tried it this past year, it was either not good (e.g. Osunlade) or good, but not remarkable (e.g. Alicia Keys)
- As a consequence of previous point, have purchased mostly compilations and soundtracks.
- I caved in and am listening to more and more pop. An influence of a stint in England with only BBC Radio 1 in the car, definitely, but also an acknowledgement that mass may be good.

Contrary to the previous editions, I will limit my list of albums to 5, and the list of songs to 8 (songs which were not in the top 5 albums).

Music - Albums
1. Blue Note Trip - Movin' On
2. Into the Wild Soundtrack
3. Gilles Peterson in the House
4. 5 na bossa - Nara Leão, Edu Lobo, Tamba Trio
5. The Departed Soundtrack

Music - Songs
1. American Boy - Estelle feat Kanye West
2. Mika - Grace Kelly
3. Let's make love and listen death from above - CSS
4. Mercy - Duffy
5. I Kissed a Girl - Kate Perry
6. Men señará - Bebe
7. 1973 - James Blunt
8. Paper Planes - MIA

Call me sold, but that's what I heard in 08. Can't lie.

But one of the first things I saw on TV in 09 was a documentary on The Who - so who knows I get back to my rock origins?

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