Saturday, June 02, 2007

someone else's thoughts on the Wembley match

A quick browsing through my blog shows that, as much as I try to post once a week, there are some weeks in which I am either not creative or not with much available time - and then I resort to copying / pasting. Indeed, I reckon two thirds of whatever I ever posted in here was not "original content". Shame on me.

Still one can't blame me for stealing others's ideas, since I always make it very clear all the sources which I use in the posts. And it's not any different now, as I was trying to figure what I would write about England 1 - 1 Brazil last night at Wembley. I just exchanges a couple of emails with my friend and 'sanity checker' Tomas about it, and I guess I won't do better than pasting here what he wrote about the game.

Which is a fair analysis, anyway. So here you go.

> bonjour dude,
> for what it's worth, i thought the football last night was pretty shit. i
> was also fairly amused by many english commentators claiming that england
> had played well and desreved the win, despite the facts that brazil had a
> perfectly good goal ruled offside in the first half, and that ledley king
> should clearly have been sent off about 5 mins later for hacking wagner love
> when he was in on goal. i hate second choice steve. if you look ate the side
> he's playing now, it's essentially exactly the same as the one sven played,
> except steve has a far more naive understanding of tactics and is generally
> a fair deal shitter. so, well done the english FA. also, i don't understand
> why frank lampard is still seen as a choice, let alone an automatic choice.
> he was rubbish much of the season for locomotiv west london, and i can't
> remember a game in which he has played well/controled a game for england.
> so, i'm jumping happily on the 'lampard out' bandwagon. also, wes brown -
> what's the point. give up and draft someone from the under 21s instead. at
> least they might be good one day. wes will never get there, and it's
> apparent to everyone apart from the man with the brightest teeth in the
> stadium.
> oh, yeah, and i though brazil were fair, no better.
> what i'm obviously wiating for now is for you to tell me that you didn't
> see it.

I did Tom, and I agree with you.

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