Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mid season

Time for my first musings of the year. And why not start with my favorite pastime - English Premier League?

By now it's probably commonplace to say that this is the most exciting EPL season ever. So excuse me if it offends for being repetitive, but I just can't hide my awe. And especially today, since just by looking at the table a lot of things strike out:

- The 4th placed team (Villa) is 3 points behind the first (Man U) - i.e. could be tied in points in the next round (note that this will only last a handful of hours, since hopefully tomorrow the Reds are going to crush Everton and move to 2 points clear of United!)

- There are FIVE teams tied at the bottom of the table. In fact, yesterday Spurs were last, and had they defeated Pompey earlier today they'd have moved to 12th!

- Stamford Bridge is no longer a fortress - even Stoke almost nicked a win! By the way, I've grown accustomed to actually enjoying Rory Delap in action.

- Amazing away runs from Chelsea, Villa and Everton (all won more on travels than at home). On the opposite, Man City scored 25 home goals (2.3 per game) but have a dismal away record (with only one win)

I could go on and on but it probably wouldn't make for interesting reading. Let me just say that as much as I would love Liverpool to win I don't see it happening. The home draws to Stoke, West Ham, Fulham and Hull will eventually hand the title to Sir Alex in a silver platter.

But hopefully, I've always been crap in predictions (bar Euro 2008!)

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