Saturday, June 13, 2009

Farewell post

It is with some regret that I announce that I will no longer write any posts here.

The reasons are:

- I have had very little time to pause and write original stuff, which was the aim of the blog in the first place

- I have been using Facebook as a primary means of communication and opinion, and it has been working well. Facebook allows me to have the best of orkut (photos, private messages), twitter (short status), and blogger (notes, links) all in one place. Gradually I have been using all the others much less.

I guess the catalyst has been the Facebook username. I started it in the first few minutes of usernames being available - hence got myself a pretty useful link ( So I will cease posting here at blogger - but some of the features I used to include here will be shifted instead to Facebook. Things like my football predictions, what I'm listening to, so on and so forth. My Facebook page is public (at least the notes and status posts) so it should work out fine.

All in all I should remember this as a phase in life. A phase in which I thought I had an urge to communicate how I felt about stuff that I cared about. What started as a chronicle flirted with becoming a place for my personal view on world affairs. I relished most the football and music commentary, and I hope all readers enjoyed it. But as you could see, in the end I was just posting links and videos - which Facebook, I believe, handles best.

Does this mean I no longer have an urge to share stuff that I care about? Absolutely not. The urge is still there. It has never left - I've been updating Facebook constantly, not to mention posting comments in some of my favorite content providers such as The Guardian. It's just that times call for a different medium - just as in 2006 times called for me to switch MSN spaces for blogger.

Thanks for the worldwide audience (which I could track with the Who's Reading This gadget on the right side). It was really an honor and a pleasure to be THE source for searches on the lyrics of "Woman of the Ghetto". For 2 years, if you googled "Woman of the ghetto lyrics" the only page appearing was mine. And the other guy who appears now in the google search clearly copied me, because he keeps a typo I had!! I must have received a dozen congratulatory emails on posting these lyrics from ear.

If any comments are made to any of the entries, I'll still read them - I'm not terminating the blog, just pausing it. And as I said, I'll be reachable over Facebook (okay being repetitive now... so let me close this off).

Thank you and goodbye
Obrigado e até mais
Gracias y hasta luego
Merci, a bientôt

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