Wednesday, June 07, 2006

More World Cup predictions

Please note this is being written before the World Cup starts.

Today and maybe tomorrow I pick some games that will be very interesting to watch in the next couple of weeks. All in Brazilian time.


Friday 23.06 Hanover (16:00)

Last match of the group, very likely that both teams will reach this point level on 3 points (having lost to France and beaten Togo).
Given that both squads are even, and known more for teamwork rather than individual talents, expect a lot of diligence and maybe a lot of goals.
My guess: Korea suffocates the Swiss and wins 2-1.

Monday 12.06 Kaiserslautern (10:00)

Both have points to prove and a lot of expectation on their shoulders. The winner, if one comes up, will take on Croatia on a different spirit, with much greater likelihood to progress. The loser has to gamble it all against Brazil.
The fact that this is the first match of the group actually favors the likely winner vis-a-vis Croatia. They'll be able to plan their style of play much more accordingly.
My guess: Australia outmuscles Japan 2-1. But Japan`s goal will definitely be classy.

Thursday 15.06 Hamburg (10:00)

Minnows, yes. Boring, nope. Both will enter HSV's stadium feeling certain they can win. Both will be all-out forward. Both defenses are kinda lame - maybe Ecuador's a bit less lame. Expect plenty of goals.
My guess: Ecuador wins 3-2, but please don't ask me who scores.

Monday 19.06 Stuttgart (16:00)

An easy guess? Not so sure. Spain will come off scattered after a battle against Ukraine (though I truly think they can win), and Tunisia will have cruised past the Saudis in the first round.
Note that the North Africans are an experienced, organized, and even skillful team, who were African champions till last January. They will be tough to crack, but will also provide some entertainment like they did in last Confederations Cup.
And Spain will always be the most unpredictable team at a Cup.
My guess: a thrilling 2-2. Xabi Alonso scores from 30 m at minute 80-something when Tunisia leads 2-1.

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