Sunday, July 02, 2006

Adieu les jeunes, allez les vieux

I have not much to say about yesterday's matches that has not been said elsewhere.

Maybe suffice it to say I cheered a lot, both for England and for Brazil.

Well there a couple more things I wouldn't miss saying.

England looked really bright in the opening 15 minutes of the second half. They created chances through slick passing and some timely, at times brilliant, intertwining between the midfielders. But then Rooney was out, and all that was left was counter attacking with a tired Gerrard on the left and an anxious Lennon on the right. I really don't wanna say much more about that game because it was really painful to watch Portugal take hold, and what a particularly bitter cherry on top to have Stevie miss the penalty.

Brazil, the same. To me, only 3 players leave this WC better than they came in: our outstanding centre-backs Lucio and Juan, and the man-for-all-seasons Zé Roberto. All else to be said is wasting time on undeserved topics.

Will cheer now for whoever wins between Portugal and France, for these teams have something Brazil doesn't: a real skipper, someone who leads the team by example, by deed, and by history. Figo and Zidane are by far my favorite players in the Cup. I had dismissed France here previously, but now I bow to the master. Voilá, Zinedine, definitely the best player ever since Maradona left.

There is a chance I do not write about World Cup football anymore. So my days as a wannabe pundit are over. I liked it. Made me feel good.

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