Friday, August 18, 2006

My Premiership season predictions

OK. I signed up for Liverpool's website premium access service so I'll be able to watch ALL of their games online. I even put a small bet on William Hill for Craig Bellamy to be top striker (at 21-1).

But none would be complete without my Premiership predictions.

Champions: Liverpool
I am serious. Our squad makes us definite contenders. Our attack has particularly improved so much - it'd already be great with Bellamy, Crouch and Fowler, but Kuyt is a cherry to the cake. Pennant and Gonzalez are real wingers, not midfielders-made-wingers like Garcia and Kewell. Sissoko is already better than Makelele, and, therefore, the best tackler around. And Chelsea will be all eyes on Champions League.

Champions League: Chelsea, Arsenal, Spurs
Spurs have what it takes to make it into top 4 this year, even without Carrick. They still got a very consistent midfield in Zokora, Davids, Jenas and Lennon. And Keane/Defoe/Berbatov is a formidable strikeline by any standards.
Arsenal and Chelsea, there is no way both don't make it, so I guess Man U will be heading out of the elite this time around. Unless they hire Adriano and Hargreaves in the next couple of days.

Uefa Cup: Man U, Newcastle, Portsmouth
What? Portsmouth in top 10? Ya. I will cheer for Harry. Got fond of him last semester, mostly because of the signing of D'Alessandro I started following Pompey and they're a very likeable team. Plus they added Campbell and Kanu to Pedro Mendes, Gary O'Neil and co.

Blackburn, Everton and West Ham are my other predictions for the top half of the table.

Relegated: no clue
Obvious guess would be "Watford, Sheffield, Reading", but who knows. Villa is looking ahead for a dreadful season, and so are Fulham and Boro. But these three never seem to go deep down the table no matter how poorly they play.

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