Wednesday, September 27, 2006

We couldn't care less

Ok - so last days till the election and it is not really the main subject on conversations. At least not for me. I'm more worried about the next Liverpool starting line-up.

I wouldn't say the election doesn't worry me - maybe I'm just resigned to watch the favourites win and everyone else around me is as well. Even in my favorite news websites election news less flashy than, say, Uefa Champions League, Daniella Cicarelli, stock markets, and the usual crime stuff.

Also noticeable is that there have been more news about the "scandal" about buying information on one candidate - one candidate from one state! - than the candidates' proposals. Probably because most candidates don't have concrete proposals... Even Alckmin doesn't have a proper economic plan, I read the other day. I guess candidates realized that people won't ask them about plans - even after they win! As much commonplace as it is, election time is all about the best-dressed, the nicest first-lady, hugging the kids and tra-la-la.

It makes me think of another thing I read - that the media these days are more busy trying to create and praise the so-called "celebrities" rather than actually confront and discuss issues that actually matter to the people. But then again, if the people couldn't care less about what supposedly matters to them, and just wanna be fed with sports digests and celeb gossip, let's give them bread and circus! Who cares if GDP doesn't grow? I mean, what is GDP again?

Or maybe I'm just reading too much into "Raízes do Brasil". I have been convinced that the damage done by our Portuguese colonization cannot be fixed and we're all damned to be lazy bastards. Myself included.

Let's just pray for the best.
(yet another typically Sebastianistic-Catholic-Portuguese catchphrase).

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Fabiano said...

é pedrão...e pensar que o VMB atrai mais telespectadores que o depate na Globo, com a ausência do Lula!
PS.: Vc teve aula com o Álvaro Hernandez na Poli? O cara é doidão hehhehehe