Sunday, October 08, 2006


So I'm watching the live TV debate between Lula and Geraldo.

And it's all as expected - Geraldo goes and asks about corruption, Lula comes and says that he is punishing people; Lula says that the former government only sold state companies (which he calls "state patrimony") while he is more concerned in investing in the "social side"....

But as I watch it, what i really wonder is - how much does a debate change things? Especially in this case.

Take my example - I'm gonna vote Geraldo. So I have a natural bias to take each of his arguments as solid and prepared, as well as to consider Lula a liar and an incompetent.

And then I can truly visualize some Lula voter in the Northeast thinking that Geraldo is asseptic and elitist, while Lula is trustworthy for being "from the people'.

Oh, sorry, then I remember Lula voters don't watch TV. Otherwise they wouldn't vote Lula for sure.

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