Monday, February 06, 2006

I miss u people

So for my first English post I decided to put some pictures of people I particularly miss. All pics taken at the Insead graduation party in Versailles, December 2005, by my friend Nicolás.

Above's Andrea "minchia-bello-you-know-the-way-forward" Macario and Michelle "let's-pretend-we're-bunny-rabbits" Koh-Potts with me. I so miss you two. Macca I'll see you in our annual Estonia trip, and with Michelle I catch up in one of her blogs.

Now my two most amusing pen pals, Tomas "I-can't-say-that-I-love-Jesus-that-would-be-a-hollow-claim" Hatem and Emily "You-know-I've-been-around-the-block-in-South-London" Kerr. Well, it may be a long time till I visit you guys in London but the writing surely makes up for it.

Enough for today. Miss you all. Cheers.

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