Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Geena Davis x Martin Sheen

I noticd there is a new TV series that tries to show the day-by-day of the White House. Surely a copycat following in the footsteps of "The West Wing", I thought, and given my predilection for the latter I had every reason to be skeptical and suspicious about this new show.

Then I realized that
(1) the president is Geena Davis - that's where the cliff she jumped into at the end of "Thelma and Louise" leads to, then: the White House! - and she is as convincing being tough as Mr Bean would be;
(2) the deputy press secretary (I couldn't really figure who the press secretary was) is Tiffany from "Once and Again" - from hippie single mother to press secretary, hooray, - and I wonder whether she interviewed for the job with C.J. Cregg (from "West Wing"), oh Lord she would be crushed like a cockroach.
(3) there is a kind of a strong focus on the daily life of the president's family - her siblings having breakfast with the first-gentleman (is that the correct term? whatever) and going to school, her leaving Situation Room to get a call on the mobile complaining about school change, and so on - and I felt like a couple years ago when I watched A LOT OF "Once and Again".
(4) people don't really look as busy as they do in West Wing - I don't know but they just seem a bunch of incompetents. Or a bunch of actors mocking a White House.

I may be too critical, and in fact I cannot say I was too hurried to change the channel - it is actually amusing, though in a Once-and-Again way, of people-having-all-sorts-of-trouble-juggling-personal-and-professional-lives, rather than in a West-Wing-way of I'm-in-the-créme-de-la-crème-job-in-public-andministration-and-therefore-I'm-so-good-and-I-love-my-job-but-it's-so-tough-and-I-got-no-personal-life. It's a different kind of series altogether, full stop.

Anyway, after it the new "24" season started and THAT was really good.

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