Sunday, March 26, 2006

A vacuum

I have been trying to find a reason to write again. Tough work as it already is to find subjects, I decided to ponder deeper, to search for something that would be a definite style: a pattern, something that would be elemental and definite of myself, like a piece of Peruvian fabric is so distinguishly recognizable as being Peruvian anywhere. That search, dear friends, is long and ardorous and I have not quite finished it.

I have experimented with football commenting a la chalkboards, which always enticed me and still do - especially David Pleat at The Guardian. However, they are much more fun to be thought about than written - it is long and dutiful. Plus it bores the readers in the long run.

Song lyrics have been tried as well, and they work very well when all the blogger wants to convey is his current mood. But they lack in creative spirit - I have to admit that many of the times I have published song lyrics I was just too lazy to type.

I have been thinking of writing about relationships - about my views on friendships, on work relationships, on romantic relationships, on family relationships, on aspects of relationships such as distance, dedication, absolute and relative care, and so forth. But after drafting a couple of times I gave up - relationships are more fitting when discussed in terms of fiction. So I may start short stories or a novel in a while.

But as of tonight, nothing new under the sun. Just a reminder that I am alive. And I'm gonna keep on trying till I reach the highest ground.

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