Sunday, April 09, 2006


Another quote from the Observer (Paul Wilson's column) on a prolific blogging day.

"Brazil has not hosted a World Cup since 1950 so it must be due a turn soon. The tournament is going to South America in 2014, which seems the only possibility of Brazil getting a look-in during my working lifetime, and if Pele wishes to start lobbying for his own country rather than someone else's for a change that'll be all right with me. These observations are prompted by a quote I came across from Frederico Chaves Guedes, better known as Fred, the Brazil forward who played for Lyon against Milan in midweek.

Here is what Fred said: 'I did not play well at the start of the season. I struggled with the food in France after moving here from Brazil. I lost four kilos, and it is not easy to perform then.'

So this guy moves to Lyon, the gastronomic capital of France, no less, and finds the food so unpalatable he manages to lose over half a stone. Not only could he make millions from marketing that diet, his unhappy experience begs a burning question. Just how good must the food be in Brazil? I'm not sure I can wait until 2014 to find out. "

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