Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Pedro the sushiman

Yes, I once took a sushiman course.

No, I cannot cook sushi.

Well, I wouldn't rule it out completely, I mean, I guess I remember the theory, but having not put it into practice for the past year-and-a-half makes a difference, I would say.

Here and there, I admit I have bragged a little more than I should've about my fish-slicing and rice-rolling abilities. It is a great bar talk and it draws the attention (and interest) of girls. Now, however, the magic has turned against the wizard - one of the persons I entertained with this metrosexual man-cook tale has actually invited me to a dinner in which I'm supposed to cook my own sushi... Deeper than that, I'm supposed to go and buy my own fresh fish! Oh Lord help me....

I might be making a needless drama because it is actually really easy to cook sushi and sashimi. I mean, to do it an acceptable level, of course. Please, invitees, do not expect anything like the fish market in Tsukiji (Tokyo) - but that is actually the best sushi in the planet so I might be putting the expectations too high. Let's say it should be better than the sushi they serve at regular self-service all-you-can-eat restaurants in São Paulo........

More updates to follow after the dinner.

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Michelle said...

Hey... when are you going to cook sushi for me?